Excerpt from ENCANA's 2006 Corporate Responsibility Report

Page 33, centre column, second paragraph from the bottom

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"...Also in the U.S., we have been piloting the use of American Clean Energy Systems, a diesel-fuel additive for drilling rigs that has environmental and cost benefits. In testing, engines with the treated diesel fuel had 20 to 30 percent fewer nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and used $500 less fuel per day than engines with untreated diesel..."

Excerpt from an Article in the "Glenwood Springs Post Independent"

"...Schmitt said he first learned from EnCana engineers in Texas about additives being offered by American Clean Energy Systems Inc., based in Pennsylvania. At the time, Schmitt was EnCana's drilling engineer for the Piceance Basin, and he began using the additives to see how they performed on diesel engines that power the rigs. The results were so good the additives now are being used for pretty much all of EnCana's drilling in the basin, he said..."

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