ACES III OIL CATALYST surpasses any other oil technology, available at any price, in performance and customer satisfaction. It is formulated using "Liquid Engineering" technology that continues to exceed ALL of the latest American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications. ACES OIL CATALYST has unique molecular shear, viscosity, and anti-wear technology designed for extreme military and space applications. Through the use of this product, wear on all engine surfaces is effectively reduced up to 90% with a simultaneous reduction of friction by over 40% when added to conventional, synthetic, or mineral/synthetic blended lubricants.

Oil Catalyst In engines, piston ring seal is maximized starting with the oil below the piston on the oil control and lower compression ring resulting in a reduction in blow by up to 45%. ACES OIL CATALYST, even when subjected to the most severe applications, provides the pinnacle of wear protection, oxidation resistance, and minimizes the formulation of lacquer, varnish, and sludge. This technology works by creating a smooth, liquid engineered surface by way of drawing transient matter into the surface valleys (sparities) of the metal. Through heat, pressure and stress produced by the sliding, turning and moving together of the various parts under workload, a liquid engineered surface is created that virtually stops wear, and keeps the oil from breaking down.

ACES OIL CATALYST'S formula protects against metal wear by staying in suspension in the oil. However, on average, it takes approximately 100 miles of driving distance before the anti-wear properties of the product begin to take effect as it is not super lube technology. ACES OIL CATALYST does not contain Moly, Chlorine, Paraffin, PTFE, PFFE, Zinc, Copper, Platinum, or Cerium.

This product is designed to be used where any lubricated metal to metal contact is possible. This may include; engines, transmissions, differentials, hydraulic fluid, cutting, drilling, tapping applications, air-tools, gun oils, and many more. ACES OIL CATALYST can also be used in competition and hi-performance racing in conjunction with fuels such as Gasoline, Nitro-Methane, as well as Methanol. To achieve the best possible results ACES Diesel Fuel or Gasoline Catalyst should be used in combination with ACES Oil III Catalyst. This dynamic combination will greatly extend the upper cylinder life of your equipment and ultimately improve performance.

For water based coolants and water soluble lubricants, ACES BIO Oil CATALYST is recommended for use in band-saw applications or any other water based fluid. For more information regarding ACES BIO OIL CATALYST please email