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FAQ - ACES IV Gasoline Catalyst

Does ACES Gasoline Catalyst work in all gasoline engines?
Yes, Physics is Physics. Both 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines, consisting of every known brand, are doing the same thing you require from your engine every day. Simply stated, one gasoline engine using ACES liquid engineering technology will be just as successful as any other gasoline engine using the same ACES technology.

What percentage of fuel savings can I expect?
The harder and more consistent an engine is working the more fuel you will save. With gasoline, in particular, there are hundreds of loyal customers saving an average of 10% to 25%.

Do ACES products require special mixing?
No. The products react in a "catalyst" reaction to permanently mix, which takes approximately 15 seconds, without any additional agitation needed.

How does ACES Gasoline Catalyst increase fuel mileage?
Gasoline fuel mileage is increased through an improved utilization of BTU available in the fuel. Therefore, the fuel is burning the molecules more efficiently with less wasted fuel and reduced emissions.

Do ACES products work with ethanol?
Yes, and has excellent results. ACES liquid engineering technology provides extra lubricity while suspending alcohol in the fuel therefore eliminating corrosion and rust.

Can ACES products cause engine damage?
No. ACES products have been engineered to be a complete and balanced system designed to enhance engine and component life. Over many years several billion gallons of fuel, in a variety of engines, have been treated with ACES products with absolutely no engine damage.