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FAQ - Diesel Catalyst

Does ACES diesel fuel Catalyst work in CAT engines?
One customer, who owns multiple CAT engines, had a history of replacing his severe-duty engines after 10,000 hours of use. After using ACES products he recently recorded 20,000 hours on the identical CAT severe-duty engine. During this test CAT oil samples were taken every 250 hours to document the status of engine life. As a result a 100% extension in engine life could be seen doubling this company's previous results. In fact, at 20,000 hours an engine wear metal analysis, via oil sampling, continued to show the machine to be in excellent operating condition.

Does ACES Diesel Fuel Catalyst work in all diesel engines?
Yes, Physics is Physics. There are thousands of engines, all around the world, consisting of every known brand doing the same thing you require from your engine every day. Simply stated, one diesel engine using ACES liquid engineering technology will be just as successful as any other diesel engine using the same ACES technology.

What percentage of fuel savings can I expect?
The harder and more consistent an engine is working the more fuel you will save. With diesel fuel, in particular, we have hundreds of customers saving an average of 6% to 25%.

Can this product be used as an anti-gel?
No. This product does not reduce cloud point or cold filter plug points which are the main cause of winter operation failures. However, this product does reduce pour-point.

Is ACES Diesel Fuel Catalyst EPA registered?

Please explain ACES Diesel Fuel Catalyst "wet start".
A "wet start" occurs when lubrication is created by a heat reaction in the cylinder bores during a cold start, which continues as long as the engine is running. As a result there is a minimum of 600% less bore wear and a minimum of 360% less stem and guide wear.

How much fuel will ACES' largest customer save in 2006?
The largest customer will save approximately 100 million gallons for every 400 million gallons used. This is based on a 29.6% fuel consumption reduction on a 400 million gallon usage observed in 2005.

Do ACES products require special mixing?
No. The products have a "catalyst" reaction to permanently mix, which takes approximately 15 seconds, without any additional agitation needed.

How does ACES Diesel Fuel Catalyst increase fuel mileage?
Diesel fuel mileage is increased through an improved utilization of the fuel molecule. Therefore, the fuel burns the molecules more efficiently resulting in less wasted fuel and reduced emissions.

Do the ACES products work with bio diesel?
Yes, with excellent results.

Can ACES products cause engine damage?
No. ACES products have been engineered to be a complete and balanced system designed to enhance engine and component life. Over many years several billion gallons of fuel, in a variety of engines, have been treated with ACES products with absolutely no engine damage.

Can ACES Diesel Fuel Catalyst extend engine life?
Yes. ACES products have been shown to extend engine life 100%. One loyal customer's CAT engine life was extended over 10,000 hours. After the integration of ACES liquid engineering this customer went from rebuilding every 10,000 hours to operating above 20,000 hours with no rebuild necessary. For this particular engine, oil samples were taken every 250 hours consistently showing the engine to be in excellent operating condition. Additional lab and field tests, on various engines, has consistently shown ACES products to extend the average engine life 50% or more.